MXroute Blocks SenderGlobal to Protect Customers

In our ongoing commitment to providing a spam-free email experience, MXroute has blocked the entire SenderGlobal network across our services. This decision comes after repeated instances of spam delivery, a disregard for unsubscribe requests, and ignored abuse complaints spanning over two years.

Why We Took Action

  • Spam volume: SenderGlobal consistently sent large volumes of unwanted and unsolicited email to MXroute customers.
  • Ignoring unsubscribes: Customers reported that SenderGlobal did not honor unsubscribe requests, leading to ongoing email harassment.
  • Unresponsive to abuse reports: MXroute repeatedly notified SenderGlobal of abuse issues, but they failed to take corrective action.

Protecting Our Customers

MXroute prioritizes the safety and privacy of our customers. Blocking SenderGlobal safeguards against unwanted emails and potential security risks. Our goal is to maintain a trustworthy and reliable email environment for all users.

Our Commitment

MXroute takes a proactive approach against spam and abuse. We continuously monitor our systems for malicious activity and will take decisive action whenever necessary to protect our customer base.

Thank you for your continued trust in MXroute.