Discontinuing Afterlogic

After reviewing all of the relevant variables, the decision has been made to discontinue our support for Afterlogic. On May 16, 2023 we will be removing it from all servers.

We are aware that this was our most successful method of deploying CalDAV and CardDAV for our users, but this has been breaking down on each server one by one. The requirements to keep Afterlogic stable and functional while sitting next to Roundcube and Snappy, while also keeping those functional, is proving to be too much of a puzzle and is consuming more time and effort than is justified by how few customers are actually using the software. Quite simply, we are in over our heads on this one.

We will continue to work on a better solution to provide CalDAV and CardDAV moving forward, but these are not considered high priorities as we continue to believe that e-mail is not about calendars and contact lists. It's about e-mail. E-mail clients having features for calendars and contacts is, in our opinion, the proper place for such things.