Commitment to Free Speech

In the ever-evolving world of the internet, the commitment to free speech is not just a virtue, but a necessity for companies providing internet services. The dynamic landscape of social behavior and public opinion is such that today's villain can easily become tomorrow's hero, and vice versa. The heroes of today are realistically only a stone's throw away from being perceived as villains. This constant shift in perception underscores the importance of preserving all forms of speech, even those we might find morally reprehensible.

Our moral absolutes are not universally accepted truths, but rather subjective interpretations shaped by our individual experiences and societal norms. What one deems to be a moral absolute today may be met with widespread disagreement tomorrow. This is not to say that our moral compasses are inherently flawed, but rather that they are susceptible to the ever-changing tides of societal norms and values.

In this context, the worst thing we can do is to adopt a "scorched earth" approach, eradicating the views that oppose what is currently deemed morally acceptable. This approach not only stifles discourse but also threatens the very essence of free speech. We must resist the urge to silence dissenting voices, no matter how much we disagree with them. Instead, we must strive to protect all forms of speech, even those we find morally repugnant.

This is not a call to endorse or promote hate speech or harmful rhetoric. Rather, it is a call to protect the principle of free speech, to safeguard what we may despise today so that what we cherish today might survive being despised tomorrow. The only way we can ensure this is by tolerating speech that we view as objectively immoral. The vile, disgusting, and horrible things that people say today must be protected in the hope that they will reciprocate and protect our speech in the future.

The struggle to maintain this balance will never end, but we must rise above the fray. The true test of our commitment to free speech lies not in protecting speech that aligns with our beliefs, but in safeguarding speech that we find abhorrent. This commitment is vital to preserving the integrity of the internet, a platform that thrives on the free exchange of ideas.

We must let the future judge us by who we were, not by who we wanted to be. We must allow our words, actions, and beliefs to stand the test of time, to be scrutinized, criticized, and perhaps even vilified. Only then can we truly appreciate the value of free speech and understand its role in shaping our society.

While the commitment to free speech is paramount, it should not be misconstrued as a contradiction to MXroute's dedication to preventing our service from being exploited for spamming purposes. Neither should it be interpreted as a willingness to sacrifice the majority of our customers to protect a single one. The reality of running a business necessitates making tough decisions. However, it is our fervent hope and intent that these business decisions will consistently align with our commitment to free speech. We believe in striking a balance that upholds the principles of free speech while ensuring the integrity and functionality of our services. This delicate equilibrium is what we strive for, as we navigate the complex landscape of the internet, free speech, and the needs of our diverse customer base.