cPanel Pricing Update

As many of you may already know, cPanel has recently decided to increase the price of its control panel. You can read more about that price increase here:

Currently, our yearly cost for cPanel is $3,780. After this change, our annual cost would be $14,124. As you can imagine, this is not accounted for in our business strategy.

Hopefully, by now all of our customers are well aware that we don't like to pass on increased costs to our customers. This increased cost is our burden, not yours. After spending much time reviewing our options, we have landed on a two-tier strategy:

Step 1:

We are migrating cPanel servers into a network that can save us money on licensing. This change will bring our yearly cost to $9,492. While still a dramatic increase, it is quite a bit less of one.

Step 2:

Replace cPanel. It's time for MXroute to grow out of cPanel, but there are many considerations to make along the way. We cannot migrate out without accounting for all of the variables, so this is not something we can put a deadline on.

We've quite perfected the strategy for migrating servers, and several of our older servers are set for migration to new hardware. Migration is not a significant process at this stage and goes mostly unnoticed by customers. We are not yet sure what this means for region-specific servers (Aus and London). However, we do have some time to work on those plans and provide you with an update.

Thank you so much for your business. I promise that every measure taken will be careful and thorough, with the primary goal being not to interrupt or downgrade your service quality.