Lifetime Promo!

The subject of "lifetime" promos has been a controversial one for some time, in many different circles. Everyone knows that a service which has recurring operating costs cannot operate on single payments for continued service. At MXroute, we have a different perspective. Allow me to explain.

Our business has been so incredibly successful, and it continues to grow at an incredible rate. The ability to afford the infrastructure is not at risk, not even a little. These lifetime promotions will never be large enough in number that they threaten our recurring packages. The reason that we sell them is simple. We are letting you bet on our success and invest in our growth, with a clearly defined expectation in return: That our service works. This allows us to raise money to expand our company without ceding control to investors.

So if you believe in us, if you think we're going to continue growing, how can you resist this deal?

  • 10GB Storage
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited Domains
  • 300 emails per hour outbound limit
  • $100/lifetime
  • Order here

Lifetime refers to the life of MXroute, which is quite healthy and does not intend to go anywhere.