Affiliate Payout Update

Hey everyone!

I updated you a while back on the closure of our affiliate system. There are still many of you who have pending payouts, and I wanted to post an update to let you know that I have not forgotten about you. I'm trying to balance a few things here, and for transparency I'll share them:

  1. Growing our outbound infrastructure to sustain our current customers and some growth beyond it.
  2. Paying for additional help on support.
  3. Costs associated with migrating infrastructure (with overlap).
  4. Affiliate payouts.

Now, in all honesty affiliate payouts are last on that list because they are last in priority. The reason being that those payouts rely on the previous 3 items going over well, and being well paid for. The first and third on the list are temporary, and they ensure the continued funding of MXroute. That continued funding is what ensures the payouts.

We're by no means in any financial bind or at risk of failure, simply prioritizing the items that ensure our continued success. At the latest, we expect to have these affiliate payouts completely resolved within a few days after Black Friday.

Thank you so much for your patience. We're not going anywhere, we haven't forgotten about you, and we're so incredibly grateful for you.