Affiliate System Shutdown

Greetings friends!

It is with great regret that I announce today that we have had to shut down the affiliate system on MXroute. All amounts owed are pending payout and will be paid out. We will always make good on our promises, even if it takes some time for this to happen.

We greatly appreciate every one of our affiliates who recommended customers to us, and we have been thrilled to share the wealth throughout this process. However, we are noticing that the amount to pay out is increasing while our profits are not. You have likely also noticed the high support wait times as we continue to struggle on that front, offering support mostly through our Discord chat. It has been decided that this is in the best interest of both MXroute and it's customers, that we move toward paying for additional help with our support.

Thank you all for your wonderfully kind words about us, we do hope that you will continue to recommend us, and we hope to grow into the kind of company that you will want to recommend for years to come.

Kind Regards, Jarland