Hosted DNS no longer supported

A while back, we suggested that customers use our hosted DNS to make their lives easier. As it turns out, it doesn't really do that at all. Rather, it adds unnecessary complication. It has been consistently simpler for customers to host their DNS elsewhere than with us, which in turn takes time away from improving the actual base product (email). As a result, we announced that it would no longer be supported a while back. That announcement was simply done via our billing panel, not via proactive notice. Today, I'm letting you know directly that this feature is no longer supported and I highly recommend moving away from it if you are using it. This is only important if you are using nameservers of ours, like, ocean/, etc. What is currently online will not soon be removed, but future efforts may continue to work against this feature and it is possible that it will be broken in many ways.

If you are not using our hosted DNS, there is no concern here, you may ignore this notice. If you are, your DNS is not being taken offline intentionally at this time. It could be months or years before that might happen (if even then).

Kind Regards,
Jarland Donnell
MXroute Administrator